In recent years, I can't count the number of times this word has come up in conversations with others or in self-thought.

Conflicted about situations that have arisen and what side of the fence to fall on.

Conflicted about how I feel and how I choose to spend time with certain people.

I usually can see both the good and bad sides to situations, people, and options...which is both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing in that it hopefully means I'm level-headed, aware, and thoughtful.  A curse in that at times it renders me indecisive and fickle.

And as it relates to music, you could say my musical taste are conflicted...though perhaps 'varied' is a better word.

From punk rock to atmospheric to love ballads to 50s sway, I hope you'll enjoy the diversity we were shooting for in the creation/production of.....................................CONFLICTED!


1.And I Think of You

2.The First and Last Time

3.Daddy's Heart

4.Spydaman Skye

5.If You Ever


7.Ain't No More to Chase

8.Let's Just Play