This song 'transitions' 3 times in terms of tempo...starting off almost folksy but ending with a real rockin' beat.

I flew from St Louis to LA in March 2009 on Spring Break, and I started thinking about my future.

I thought about where my life had been, where I was going, and whether it all made sense for me.

So during the 4 hour flight from Lambert International to LAX, I wrote this song about self-assessment and courage to pursue change.

Because no matter how young or old, it's never too late to consider making a...


"Moving from my comfort zone
Knowing I might be alone
Fighting hard to find my way
Forward to a brighter day"
The lines and squares below.
Just where should I go.
Shaking up my pride.
My eyes opened wide.

To a place
Where I need to show
If I got
What it takes to grow.

Blinders off for good.
Colder now
Gotta find a hood.
Of what I might find.
The thoughts in my mind.

Swimmin' round
When time is slow
Gotta chill
Get in the flow.

Of a transition
A transition...a transition.

Moving from my comfort zone
Knowing I might be alone
Fighting hard to find my way
Forward to a brighter day.

It's a transition.

Finding what is real.
Forget the mass appeal.

Feel yourself
Take pride again.
Don't forget
To be your own best friend.

In a transition.
A transition...transition.

Shifting to improve my life
Factoring a lot more strife
Should be worthwhile in the end
Buckin' all the normal trends.

In a transition.

Focused on a straigter path...transition.
Find a plan with little math...transition.
Set your course and don't be shy...transition.
You're here and now so why not try...transition.

Moving from my comfort zone...transition.
Knowing I might be alone...transition.
Fighting hard to find my way...transition.
Forward to a brighter day...transition.